16th AkiGasshuku 2018 - Iaido & Kendo practice

του/by Furyu Dojo Athens

The 16th AkiGasshuku 2018 will take place from 6-7 October 2018 in Athens Greece.
The event is organized by Furyu Dojo Athens, under the auspices of the Hellenic Kendo Iaido Naginata Federation (HKINF) and it will include Iaido & Kendo practice.
An Iaido grading for 1 kyu & 1-4 dan, organized by HKINF, will take place on Sunday 7 October 2018.

Leonin Lyceum Patissia Sport Center, Neigy 17, Ano Patissia, 11143 Athens (300 meters from Ano Patissia Metro Station)

Sat 6 Oct 2018
1000-1200, Iaido keiko
1200-1300, Lunch break
1300-1430, Iaido keiko
1430-1530, Iaido members Nihon Kendo kata
1430-1500 Kendo members Nihon Kendo kata
1500-1700, Kendo keiko
1530-1700 Free Iaido keiko

Sun 7 Oct 2018
1000-1215, Iaido keiko
1215-1300, Lunch break
1300-1430, Kendo keiko & free Iaido keiko
1430-1600, Iaido examination 1 kyu, 1-3 dan

Practice will be directed by 
ODA Katsuo sensei, Iaido hanshi 8 dan, Kendo kyoshi 7 dan &
ASAOKA Mitsuru sensei, Kendo kyoshi 8 dan, Iaido renshi 7 dan
Assisted by,
SAUVAGE Jean Jacques, Iaido kyoshi 7 dan, Kendo 5 dan, CNK
BRUWIER Phillipe, Iaido renshi 7 dan, Kendo 3 dan, ABKF
MAES Christiaan, Kendo renshi 6 dan, Iaido 3 dan, ABKF
SIMONINI Michael, Iaido renshi 6 dan, Kendo 3 dan, ABKF
MATSUI Terue, Kendo 6 dan, ABKF
KANTO Yuki, Iaido 6 dan, ABKF
CARLIER Freddy, Iaido 6 dan, Kendo 5 dan, ABKF
DROSSOULAKIS Spiros, Iaido renshi 6 dan, Kendo 4 dan, HKINF

-Iaido practice will focus on ZNKR Iaido. Special groups for upcoming EIC 2018 participants and for
Iaido beginners will be formed.
- Nihon Kendo kata practice is for all Iaido & Kendo participants; please bring your bokuto.
- Participation is open to all kenshi members of HKINF and of EKF / FIK affiliated federations
- Attendance of the 16th AkiGasshuku 2018 is a prerequisite for participation at the grading.
- Each participant agrees to be photographed and/or filmed and gives full and complete permission for the use of his image / video in all kind of media including internet.
- Organizers assume no liability of any kind.

Detailed information may found in www.furyu-dojo.org or contact Spiros G. Drossoulakis,
e-mail: spirosd@otenet.gr/mbl 0030-6944-674414,

Mark your calendar and let's practice together in Athens in October !!!